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   Little Big House Gallery

LITTLE BIG HOUSE was first conceived in 1968. while I was teaching at Cal. Poly'  in San Luis Obispo, I was asked to act as a client for a architecture design class.  The students asked me many questions about my needs all of which were practical concerns. When they were done I said most of all I want a house that has a sense of humor about it.  They were flabbergasted.   After a few minutes, one student spoke up saying, can you give us an example?  I turned and drew little big house on the blackboard, they said nothing until I drew in the small out scale figure, then they cracked up.  The idea stayed with me.

My painting at that time was minimal and primary and I was interested in the Jungian  archetype. Little big house is an archetypal image.  Ask  Young American students to draw a house and you will get some variation of this image.

Actually, there are several stages of image development.  As an art teacher I have studied this, I don't know what American prairie Indians of the 1850's would draw, but I can make  a good guess. It would probably be some variation of a triangle. So I guess the image is not an archetype in the true Jungian terms, but more like a visual meme.

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